In the fall of 2015, plans were prepared for a new Dollar General Store on Mississippi Hwy 51 South in Hernando, Mississippi. The site plan for the new store called for a retaining wall with a 4-foot maximum exposed height of 211 feet along the north property line. Although not exceptional in height, the retaining wall would need to be constructed within 5 feet of the property line with no construction easement on the neighboring property.
Based upon the successful use of the Redi-Rock retaining wall system on other projects, the contractor, Mike Rozier Construction of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, called on MMC Materials to see if Redi-Rock could provide an economical solution for the required structure. MMC quickly engaged JC Hines and Associates to prepare the necessary preliminary designs for cost estimating. Once accurate material quantities were determined from the preliminary design, the contractor concluded that Redi-Rock would meet the project budget requirements and JC Hines and Associates was released to prepare final construction drawings.
The final Redi-Rock wall design utilized 41-inch blocks on the bottom that transitioned to 28-inch block units at the top of the wall. A 12-inch zone of No. 57 crushed stone drainage fill was placed immediately behind the retaining wall units to allow for proper drainage of the wall system. The retaining wall units and required backfill were constructed within the 5 feet allowance to the property line.
The total face area of the wall is 974 square feet. The natural gray cobblestone Redi-Rock units were manufactured by MMC Materials in Jackson, Mississippi.