bellefonte-stairs_resize_12-15-16At JC Hines & Associates, we offer a customized approach to each project.  We work quickly and effectively to understand the parameters of your project to ensure that we deliver the optimum retaining wall solution for your specific earth retention application. Our step by step process is methodical, complete and tested by experience. Our design deliverables are always prepared in accordance with established design methodologies and local building code requirements.

What makes us unique? Value. Design optimization is really about delivering maximum value. We pride ourselves on our experience in delivering efficient service through all phases of the retaining wall project – planning, design, and construction.  We create clear and concise design drawings that communicate highly buildable solutions for your most critical retaining wall structures. We coordinate with everyone involved with the retaining wall installation to make sure that the team in the field understands the crucial aspects of the wall design. We encourage questions to be asked and answered up front, rather than explanations being made after-the-fact.  We believe that only through a process committed to quality do you ever truly realize significant value.

We’re more than just a consulting firm, we are your Partner in Design!