In 2016, Centre County, Pennsylvania housed an otherwise quiet part of town rumored to bloom into new life. Bellefonte Waterfront set into motion a new interest in the area, causing a domino effect among the local businesses.
The Bellefonte Waterfront Development project consisted of eight walls. Retaining walls were necessary here in order to provide space for a walking path along Spring Creek. The fifth wall was designed to incorporate 15 feet of concave radius sections to allow benches intermittently along the path. These retaining walls were tiered to provide both a Riverwalk path and a level space for future development. The project’s design brought a new concept of color on the ledgestone blocks above grade as well as the natural gray limestone below grade. All retaining walls gravity structures founded in natural soil have imported stone backfill in the active zone.
The summer sun can be brutal and intense. The owner wanted to provide for the wildlife in the creeks against the sun’s burning rays. To accomplish this, 60-inch units with 16 5/8’’ setback knobs were constructed to hang over the creek. Further down the wall’s construction, wall 6 was designed to provide canoe access into the creek. Wall 5b and 7 give support to the stairs from the Riverwalk to the main level of the property.
The domino effect from the Bellefonte Riverwalk brought out more businesses in the area. Local business owners are seeing new life come into this once quiet part of town.