In 2021, a renowned online retailer planned to open a 141,000 square-foot distribution warehouse in Lexington, KY. The new facility would create over 500 jobs for the area. Unfortunately, the new development would require an access drive that would intersect a popular mixed-use path known as Legacy Trail. To preserve Legacy Trail, a bridge overpass was needed to allow for the continued safe use of the trail.   

The project’s general contractor, ATS Construction, called on Redi-Rock K.I.T. to design and construct four wing walls to flank the access drive overpass and provide grade separation along Legacy Trail. Redi-Rock K.I.T., in turn, called upon JC Hines and Associates to prepare the necessary construction drawings. 

Because all the wing walls were situated in limestone bedrock, JC Hines and Associates was able to design the walls as modular gravity structures. The absence of geogrid reinforcement in the design greatly minimized the amount of rock excavation necessary, reducing cost for the project. 

The final design provided a safe, cost-effective, and aesthetic solution. The Ledgestone face texture of the Redi-Rock blocks, furnished in the Kentuckiana Grey color, maintains the natural park-like intent of Legacy Trail as it winds under the service road and continues along its tree lined path.  

The wall construction was managed by Redi-Rock K.I.T.’s in-house construction group. The final face area of the four walls was 2,376 square feet, with maximum individual wall heights of 20 feet. Construction was completed in 2022.