In early 2017, King Louie’s Sports Complex in Louisville, Kentucky expanded their 46,000 square foot facility to include two outdoor sports fields. The state of the art sports facility on North English Station Road  has two indoor turfed fields, turfed training areas and is capable of hosting multiple sporting events including lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and flag football.

With the addition of their new outdoor sports fields, a retaining wall was required to support the patio area of the clubhouse in the already existing building and with spring right around the corner, King Louie’s Sports Complex was anxious for construction to be complete so their new outdoor fields could be utilized.

One of the bigger challenges with this project was the limited space for the retaining wall. The patio area added loaded bearing pressure on the wall and was originally drawn as a cast-in-place concrete wall due to the space restrictions.

Using the large Redi-Rock blocks, we were able to design a 14ft gravity modular block wall with a crushed stone backfill, providing a higher quality wall system and cutting down on construction time for the client.

The final design for the wall included a 1,453 square foot Ledgestone wall with blocks manufactured by Redi-Rock K.I.T. in Mt. Washington, Kentucky.