In 2019, the Grove – one of Nashville’s premier private club communities – planned to construct a new phase that would overlook the beautiful countryside of Williamson County from its stony hilltop. With a grade differential of more than 100 feet, the site plan required a series of critical retaining walls, that fit with the aesthetic appeal of the luxurious residential development. The Grove’s slogan, “Remarkable by Design”, claims roots in considering and selecting every minute structural detail on the grounds of elevating the community experience. With its natural stone appearance and optimal structural qualities, Redi Rock retaining walls fit the needs of the project. 

Redi-Rock K.I.T. called on design partner, JC Hines and Associates, to prepare the necessary structural analysis and construction drawings. Situated in limestone bedrock for most of their length, the overall wall design combined gravity Redi-Rock walls with the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System which incorporates strips of geogrid reinforcement that anchor each block unit. Final landscaping added trees and shrubs to naturalize the wall’s appearance and transform the hilltop into a beautiful, planned community. 

The wall construction was managed by Redi-Rock K.I.T.’s in-house construction group. The final face area of the walls constructed in Phase 10 was over 32,600 square feet. With maximum individual wall heights of 18 feet, the final height of the combined three tier section reached 34.5 feet.  Construction on this phase was completed in 2021. Phase 12 is now complete and Phase 13 is currently underway.